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Upper Street Marketing combines decades of tactical branding experience with research-based intelligence to uncover, invest in and expedite the growth of companies displaying outstanding management and ROI potential. Upper Street Marketing is committed to its shareholders first and ascribes to a business ideology promoting transparency, visibility, growth and value.

Latest Expansions


Upper Street Marketing is pleased to announce that it has acquired the business of LoveLife USA, Inc and LoveLife Canada, Inc. LoveLife’s management and founders have over 25 years of experience each in the professional matchmaking business as senior C level executives, and have launched their new business of which they will retain significant ownership as a publicly traded company through its partnership with Upper Street Marketing.

LoveLife specializes in the process of connecting singles who are looking for a life partners. The methodology incorporates the traditional in person matchmaking process where the company’s professionally trained matchmakers access individuals looking to meet their life partner using various proprietary algorithms and processes and then using the company’s massive database of eligible partners, identifies potential matches and makes introductions. It is old fashioned matchmaking for which clients pay a fee.



Upper Street Marketing just acquired Learn2Grow, a subscription-driven division of a company devoted to consumer education and healthier living. Upper Street Marketing is excited to help scale and expand Learn2Grow, and believes it has the potential to grow to the hundreds of millions of dollars.

Learn2Grow contains enough written original content and photos to support a well-established big magazine (similar to Better Homes and Garden) with 11 future articles each month for 12 years.

Learn2Grow also has a huge plant database with probably the most complete plant data in the world. There are approximately 37,000 complete records. This by itself could be licensed to universities and organizations everywhere. The data is the best and most complete anywhere.

The Learn2Grow website gets nearly 4 million users a year without a stitch of advertising behind it. With a little push – which we plan on doing! – it could generate 4-10 million users per month and advertising dollars into the millions.

Learn2Grow’s Dig In product has the potential to be a $30-$40 million dollar per year product all by itself.

Helping businesses scale and expand to their highest potential.



Who We Are

Hello, and welcome! We’re Upper Street Marketing, and business is our passion!

We know what it’s like to start a business and feel like you’ll never break through. Where will the money come from? Whose advice should you believe? It can be overwhelming and discouraging when you’re just starting out, and Upper Street is here to change that.

We love entrepreneurs, and want to help them grow and expand in ways they may not be able to do themselves. We bring specific expertise in the areas of business marketing & finance to businesses that need a lift. Our mission is to grow businesses to their highest potential in terms of impact AND market share.

We are here to grow and support YOU and your business.

Please reach out if you want to discuss working together – we want to hear from you!

-Upper Street Marketing